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One of the most important elements to winning a government contract for your organization is to successfully respond to competitive bidding process. What is often overlooked in bidding is the importance of completing required forms correctly, to ensure that your bid is not disqualified.  When done right, you may win the contract. If you are new to competing for government contracts, this webinar will explore best practices in creating the optimal bid response.


Your Benefits of Attending:


  • Understand the importance of the bidding as a strategic option to grow your company.
  • Learn what you should include in your bid to ensure maximum value.
  • Gain insight on bid formats and essential documents - best practices for efficient and effective responses.
  • Learn how to find bidding opportunities for your business.
  • Understand timelines and guidelines for a winning a bid.

An extensive list of NAICS codes means that one bid template won’t be sufficient. However, with consistency in approach to building a bid, you will not only develop a sustainable, efficient process within your company, but you will create broader opportunities to capture the best overall strategic value. 



one-on-one coaching for 1 bid that includes up to 200 pages.


There is additional fee for $5.00 per page if the bid exceeds 100 pages.



We never guarantee that anyone will win a contract. If we could gurantee we would be billions. 

Step by Step on how to bid for government contracts

  • No refunds. We do NOT guarantee that you will win a contract.

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