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Get notified when contracting opportunities are available. We will register to your state (city, county) online procurement supplier portal – a great resource for finding contracting opportunities and for viewing contracts awarded.  Includes:  2 (two) registrations the  password and username will be provided. We registered you information to Free vendor portals so there is no recurring payments. 


Action Steps: Email the following documents to

  • EIN Number
  • Business name
  • The business owner full name (first name, last name)
  • Date of business formation (month, day, year) this can be found on the certificate of formation
  • Business Address and/or mailing address
  • Business phone number and/or fax
  • Email address (this will be made public, you may want a general email address)
  • Website “optional”
  • Brief description of your business and services 2 sentences. 
  • Types of contracts you are interested in winning (mental health contracts,  marketing, etc).


Bid Notification Registration

  • No refunds. 

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